About Us


What We Believe and Our Mission

Above all else, Urban Philanthropy believes the true test of a community is how it supports its under-represented citizens.

Our mission is to develop valuable programs and events that promote philanthropic giving through public service and outreach. We fulfill this duty by building relationships within communities, identifying clients who are passionate about community involvement, and partnering with organizations that provide products and/or services that cater to the needs of underserved groups.

Urban Philanthropy stands strong on the belief that individuals with the means and influence to make significant change, help transform not only communities, but inspire other citizens to become agents of change as well.

Who We Are

Founded in 2005, we’ve become a certified minority and woman-owned business, with a team of creative and passionate event managers and public relations experts.

Our niche’ is identifying charitable organizations that align with our clients’ philanthropic needs and, from there, developing actions, agendas and/or operations essential to various humanitarian efforts. With over 15 years of event management and community relations experience, we are now trusted experts in the development of successful charitable campaigns, managing non-profits, and organizing grassroot groups’ efforts.