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KERF – Katherine and Everett Robinson Foundation


Katherine and Everett Robinson Foundation

Born from the desire to honor and follow the steps of her late grandparents, Karena Poke created the Katherine and Everett Robinson Foundation to promote positive youth development, encourage healthy living and plan quality experiences with underserved families in the Houston-area and across the United States.
At the center of Poke’s philanthropic objectives is the influence of selflessness her late grandparents imprinted on her. After their passing, Poke started the Katherine and Everett Robinson Foundation in an effort to honor their lives and continue making a change.
“My grandmother was a huge philanthropist in Kansas City. When she passed away from ovarian cancer, I was completely devastated and caught off guard. This foundation helped me fill the void and gave me a way to carry on her legacy.”
Poke went on to start Katherine’s Breakfast for Survivors, which falls under the Urban Philanthropy umbrella and honors individuals diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer, PTSD, and victims of domestic violence.
The registered 501 (c) 3 organization aims to 1.) support survivors of life-altering experiences,2.)  provide young children with opportunities of growth outside of their own community, 3.) and educate families in low-income communities about the importance of healthy living.